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Denise Milani
Hello Guys! I am Denise Milani, born on 24 April 1981 in Czech Republic and my astrological sign is Taurus. However, I emigrated to California in year 2002. I like California very much as it is always warm here. I love dancing and there are so many great clubs and venues to choose from. In short, there is always something to do in California. I am working as a glamour model. My career as a model happened by an accident.. I went to have a drink in some great bar in Hermosa beach and then a photographer from SportsbyBrooks approached me. He seemed honest and kind so I decided to give it a try. I got to travel a lot with him, I really loved it. Couple of years later, I visited a friend of mine in his photostudio, he only took a few test shots of me and posted it on his site. A few days later, he called me and told me that his server crashed because of the amount of clicks he got on my picture. Apparently, people linked to this picture from forums all over the internet. After that, he didn't even asked me and went ahead to do my site. Since then, we have a great time working on my site, I do what I love to do and I wouldn't change a thing. Denise

Denise Milani

Profile Link: http://www.PinupModels.org/DeniseMilani

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  • Wildshotz
    Wildshotz: Mere words can not do you justice. Thank you.
    5/9/2011 5:40 AM

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