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"It's my biggest challenge to work with the big names such as Jinxi Caddel, Tony Mancia(All or nothing Tattoo), Matt Griffith and many, many famous artists all over the world.

"My mission is to brake every taboo about the tattoos and the similar
arts, commented on many different connotations, thorough the history and bring them into a mainstream."

"Being on the tattoo scene is pure pleasure. "

" www.skin-artists.com is my biography, my pride! "

Jinxi Caddel about Iva:

" One of my favorite things about the tattoo industry is the comraderie that is felt between ink enthusiasts. It seems that no matter where in the world one lives, there is an instant bond and connection that resonates because of the love of this art form.

I have been so lucky to meet amazing people along my tattoo journey and one woman whose path I feel so fortunate to have crossed many years ago is Iva Kanceska, who owns and runs Skin-Artists.com

Her passion and love for body art is inspiring and she works hard to promote a positive message about the artists, collectors, and enthusiasts within the tattoo industry. This vibe carries over to the readers and supporters of Skin-Artists, where you will always find a thirst for knowledge and a true appreciation for "all things ink."

I was honored when Iva asked to interview me for this month's "Exclusive Interview" section and really appreciate the opportunity to be featured there. If you have the chance, you can check out the interview and oodles of accompanying photos here:
A big thanks to Iva and the Skin-Artist.com team. Keep up the great work and thanks for having me! "

Iva's photos can be found on many specialized sites for tattoos and piercing like:

www.pinupmodels.org/Ivatattoo www.inkedmag.com

Iva Kanceska

Profile Link: http://www.PinupModels.org/Ivatattoo

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