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Poppy Von Peach
As you can see; my name is Poppy Von Peach. But ofcourse its not my real name.My real name is Lindsay and I am 22 years of age. Born in the Netherlands where I still live. I have a boyfriend,he's in the militairy and I love him till death do us part.When it's time that he has to fight the war again I will give him a picture along of myself posing as a pin up girl, like they did in the second world war.

I've always been intrigued by pin ups painted as nose art on a beautiful warplane or posing on a calendar to give a soldier something to look at during wartime. In 2005 I became one myself. Not only at photoshoots but also in daily life for it is a lifestyle. I always wear dresses or pencilskirts and you will never see me wearing a trouser or flat shoes.And certainly not combined! High heels are my trademark. People already know me as "The Girl With High Heels". I collect only round nosed pumps, and I am a proud owner of 130 pair.I practically live in them. and they make me feel very feminine.You will never see me without red lips or red nails. I just adore the classic thing.
I am a very happy gal, flirty and romantic with old fashioned beliefs. A slightly exposed shoulder emerging from a long satin nightgown is way more sexy -in my humble opinion- than topless (or beyond).
I am a girl with loads of interests. I love to travel and especially for my modelingwork.I love to see what the world has to give us.
I also adore Vintage in all senses of the word. I am a so called Vintage Queen. I love the Victorian era and ofcourse the roaring twenties and the 1930s,1940s,& 1950s. Besides that I'm interested in; Psychology, Politics, Photography,Webdesign,Myths& Legends,Jugendstil & Art Deco. More? I love to read a good book and watch movies.

Well This'll do for now. xxx Poppy Von Peach.


Profile Link: http://www.PinupModels.org/PoppyVonPeach

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