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About me:
SYNASTASIA: Part Synner part Saynt. My perception of the world around me is in a constant state of sensory overload. It gets sorted and purged into multi-faceted forms of art and expression. sometimes, it gets regurgitated back into the world in hopes to twist and broaden the perception of anyone who is open enough to receive it.
SYNESTHESIA:"is a neurologically-based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway".
Paul Tillich once said that the religion of an individual is one's "Ultimate Concern". In Accordance to that statement my "religion" would then be to create or the art of creating/creativity. My life is a synthesis of the arts. Music, Dance, Theater, Film, writing, recording, Fashion/Design, modeling, philosophy etc...and in that synthesis there is always synchronicity. I am more of a performer but, I live and breathe all things creative, artistic, and beautiful.
We as individuals have the ability to create our own path in life, define our own essence of being. We create our own chaos and trouble-we draw our own paths painting the scenery as we go. We create and choose how we respond to anything that comes our way. Ontological dependence keeps us from infinite doors of perception. Who I am (or anyone is), is different to each beholder,and is subject to change from moment to moment.

I would love to meet myself outside myself or my doppleganger in the multiverse. We don't ever get to leave our own heads.
I want a fantastic partner in crime

http://synastasia.com (coming soon)

Profile Link: http://www.PinupModels.org/Synastasia

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